How to Check Credit Score Without Hurting It

How to Check Credit Score Without Hurting It : Checking your credit score is an important way of knowing where you stand financially. But it’s equally important to check your credit history. A credit report provides valuable details about your financial standing, and you’ll be able to evaluate your credit data.


A credit report should be checked once a year. provides free access to your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports once every year. Doing so does not hurt your credit. Try checking one report every four months for accuracy. This way, you can monitor them throughout the year.


Get in touch with your credit card provider

A number of credit card companies keep track of the credit scores of their borrowers. Many will share this information with you. Log in your account. Look for options to check your credit score free. Chances are they will. Again, this is not a hard inquiry on your report.


Use Credit Karma or Credit Sesame

These two websites provide access to your credit report free of charge. There is no hard inquiry so that they do not adversely affect your credit report. Hence, these sites do not cause a hard inquiry to your report. You may also get advice on how to improve your score.


Capital One

Even if you don’t have a Capital One credit card, you can use the CreditWise account to check your TransUnion credit score (called your VantageScore). It takes just a minute to use and does not negatively effect your credit score.

You can get your free credit score at this location every 14 days. There is no credit card required and there is no cost associated with it. It will provide advertisements for third-party lenders, but this is an excellent way to gather insights.


Talk to Your Lender

In some cases, your bank may be able to provide you with this information. It is up to your lender to determine if they can. However, many offer this service for free.


It is not necessary to provide your credit card number when using these tools. You can gather key information at no cost.

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